Networking and how it can help your business grow.

Networking and how it can help your business grow. Love it or hate it, networking can be a valuable aspect of business, helping your business to grow – especially in industries where collaboration and partnerships are essential. If you are the facilitator of building a business community (whether you are a coworking space or the […]

Perch people. An insight in to who uses our space.

Perch people. An insight into who uses our space. Perch Coworking has a wonderful array of members who use us on a regular basis. Here’s a little insight in to one of those members – Connie Hollyer (founder of Haze, an online Burnout and Wellness store) who has just recently launched her newly. Join us […]

Sustainability. What are we doing to help the environment?

The Wood Workshop at Bicester Green Re-cycling Centre. Sustainability. What small steps are we taking to help the environment? Sustainability has been the nation’s buzzword for many years now. As a company that is always keen to get things right, Point of Difference have been ‘doing our bit’ for the environment but 2023 has seen […]

Apprentices. Apprenticeships. Could they be for you?

Apprenticeships. Apprentices. Apprenticeships. Could they be right for you? It’s National Apprenticeship Week! This week, 6-12th February, brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to celebrate the value, benefits, and opportunities these schemes can bring to local communities, businesses, and the wider economy. From school leavers to small business owners, Graduates to CEOs, colleagues in the […]

Freelancing. The benefits.

guardian house

Our top 6 benefits of a freelancing life. As the business world has developed and adapted over the past few years, freelancing and freelance careers have really taken off as a desirable and worthwhile pursuit and it is easy to see why. So what is freelancing? The term is used to describe a career in which […]

External meeting rooms – the benefits.

Perch Co-working

5 benefits of using an external meeting room for your business Are you tired of the same in-house meeting space? With many business owners choosing to work from home, following the pandemic, having an external meeting room where people can meet f2f to discuss business opportunities, complete deals and thrash out those creative ideas, has […]

Meet the Perch Coworking members: TBMC Ltd – Management with pride


Meet the Perch Coworking members: TBMC Ltd – Management with pride Tom Burgess is a relatively new member, joining Perch Coworking in September 2019. Originally, Tom used the space just one day a week, working in London the rest of the week. However, more recently Tom has favoured the Bicester trip over the London commute […]