Our Values

We live by our values – they define who we work with, how we work and how we show up day-to-day

Unique offices and co-working spaces

Across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire



at every interaction, on every activity, every time



do the right thing; build trust don’t break it



it’s all about people; build and develop relationships



work together, build bridges, make connections


On it

make it happen, do it well; do it once

Our Environment

We’re not a huge business but we believe we have a big part to play in our society, whether that is through our environmental impact or links with our local communities.

We believe in taking informed action but not stalling for too much information when we can just get things done. That’s why we have a clear but evolving sustainability plan and day-to-day try to take every decision with the wider people and planet environment at heart.

We’re going to share the journey and honestly share the ups and downs. Our experience so far is that this stuff isn’t easy so helping others understand the journey might help us all. We’re open to feedback so if you have ideas or suggestions get in touch.

Our Sustainability Journey

Let’s start with numbers – 222 Tonnes of CO2 produced by our activities as measured by SME Climate Hub for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Is that calculation right? Probably not but it’s hopefully not too far away so we’re taking that as a start and looking to reduce by 50% by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2035. We’re working on defining Scope 3. Our iterative plan is to: MEASURE  REDUCE  OFFSET  REPEAT

Confused by the terminology? 

We’ve identified five key areas of carbon impact that we’re working on.

AreaAreas of focus
Energy supplyMove to renewables, reduce gas use, self-generate our power
Energy useReduce high consumption items, use smart-tech, partner with clients
Waste & RecyclingZero to landfill, cradle to grave recycling, minimise use
ConsumablesReduce, use refillable, reduce packaging, sustainable sourced and recycled
RefurbishmentCircular design, sustainable sourcing, minimise waste, recycle end of life

To see what we’ve done and some of the projects that we’re working on then scroll through the panels below or follow us on social media. We’ll publish the detailed plan as soon as it is available.

Our Projects – where we’re at.

We’re working on new ideas every day and constantly meeting new partners. We’re proud to be members of Oxfordshire Greentech – one of our resource partners for the journey.

Community Support

Here are some of the local charities we support, striving to make a positive impact together.


Youth Concern

We’re very fortunate to be providing quality homes and high-spec offices so wanted to do something housing related to help support others who struggled in these areas.  We’re therefore very happy to support Youth Concern who help local young people with counselling, emergency accommodation and support to progress in their lives.

Youth Concern provide a safe place for young people to meet and access support through a drop-in centre and a soon to be opened safe house. We believe in their ethos of helping some of the most vulnerable young people to get on the right track early in their lives before long-term issues arise.

Click below if you’d like to know more or would like to donate directly to them.


Measure Get the baseline right, quantify each element and build a plan to reduce it
Reduce Clearly defined projects to reduce item by item
Offset Offset what we can’t reduce using sustainable, auditable routes