Perch people. An insight into who uses our space.

Perch Coworking has a wonderful array of members who use us on a regular basis. Here’s a little insight in to one of those members – Connie Hollyer (founder of Haze, an online Burnout and Wellness store) who has just recently launched her newly. Join us for a Q & A session with her…

Connie joined Perch Coworking in August on one of our Club Month passes and uses us on a regular basis when up from London.

“I help people heal from burnout using applied neuroplasticity and embodiment, so they can regulate the stress response and create a new version of themselves. One of my clients have described my work as a total ‘rebirth’! Which is amazing, because that’s how I felt when I myself healed from burnout.”

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, Connie, and your business (and in your case the launch date!) 

A: I’m Connie Hollyer, founder of Haze, an online Burnout Clinic and Wellness store. I help people heal from burnout using applied neuroplasticity and embodiment, so they can regulate the stress response and create a new version of themselves. One of my clients have described my work as a total ‘rebirth’! Which is amazing, because that’s how I felt when I myself healed from burnout.

In 2022 I fell ill for 12 months after going through years of chronic stress. I was diagnosed with a M.E/CFS, an ‘incurable’ illness, and spent months bed bound and even longer housebound with over 50 daily symptoms. Using the power of positive neuroplasticity, and my own 10+ years of mindbody knowledge, I healed my body and mind, and now it’s my mission to help others break free from chronic stress and live the life they truly want!

I’m already coaching people, but my newly-refurbished website launches September 1st. You can find it here:

Q: Are there any resources, technology, websites, apps you may have explored to help with your business that you can share with others?

A: I’m a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza‘s work. He simplifies the principles of neuroscience and offers impactful practices for healing and personal transformation. I also really love the book ‘The ONE Thing’ by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan – getting hyper-focused was a major turning point for me when it comes to productivity!

Q: What top tips would you give someone who is starting out on their business journey?

A: I’d say to trust your intuition more. We lean so much on strategies, advice and books, but I think connecting with your intuition is extremely powerful in business. When I’ve leant into what feels right in my gut, it’s almost always been the right decision. And when it isn’t, I can stand by the fact that I acted with integrity.

Q: And at the end of conquering another busy week? How do you celebrate?

A: You’ll either find me in a London bar with a margarita in hand, or if I’m feeling overwhelmed, a yin yoga class or breathwork session to bring me back into my body.

Q: Early bird or night owl…what survival tips have worked for you?

A: I used to be an early bird – getting up at 6am and hitting the gym was the norm for me. Since recovering, I’m so much more in tune with what my body needs rather than what I want. I know that when I wake up, and my cortisol levels are high, I need to start the day in stillness. I wake up around 8am, and either do a morning visualisation of my day, or if I’m too fidgety, a gentle yoga practice that opens up the upper body (especially important for me when I’m sat at a desk all day!)

Q: What do you like about working from Perch?

A: Pretty much everything! Everyone is so lovely, and it’s great to have people around that are working on a diverse range of projects. I like the fact you’ll learn something about a completely different industry you’re not a part of. It’s inspiring. The staff are super helpful, and the place itself is very chic! I’m from London and the design feels like a piece of London which I love. 

If you want to learn more, Connie offers free zoom consultations:

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