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5 benefits of using an external meeting room for your business

Are you tired of the same in-house meeting space?

With many business owners choosing to work from home, following the pandemic, having an external meeting room where people can meet f2f to discuss business opportunities, complete deals and thrash out those creative ideas, has now become even more important than pre-lockdown days.

Your initial instinct may be to meet at your workplace and hold your meeting in-house; you may think it more ‘convenient’ – but have you ever wondered what the benefits of meeting somewhere new could be? 

Offering a creative approach with an external meeting room.

Scenario…Imagine you organise a workshop with some of your colleagues. You haven’t met with them for over a year and your creative edge needs a bit of a re-boot. Your aim is to come up with: a creative, new approach to a project and to think of an innovative way to move it forward. These two goals are only achievable if the entire group meeting can be creative and innovative and maybe, just maybe, the whole ‘convenient’ workplace vibe just doesn’t cut it…plus the fact, on the day of the meeting, there isn’t a room available. Let’s have a look at why external meeting rooms really do work.

Top 5 benefits of using an external meeting room:

1) External meeting rooms can inspire different ways of thinking and allow you to find a solution you may not have considered. Especially at a unique, exciting venue.

2) You are able to book ahead and plan – from making sure that all your colleagues can make the date, to getting address details and car parking options out to those attending. 

3) Avoids the stress of frantically roaming the hallways ten minutes beforehand to make sure there’s a room available.  

4) External meeting rooms can offer a good range of equipment – added screens, lighting and device compatibility. With the addition of video conferencing, it makes sense to hire an external meeting room – especially if the price is affordable and fair.

5) Comfortable, professional environment with refreshments on offer.

What can you do in an external meeting room?

Apart from the obvious – getting together with your team for a day’s creativity – meeting rooms can be used for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few suggestions that you may not have thought of:
Interviewing, training, workshops, relationship mediation, filming & photoshoots, daytime and evening socials, networking events, corporate hospitality and image – frankly, the list is endless! Finding a centre that will accommodate your needs is key…

Host the perfect meeting with Point of Difference, Bicester

At Perch Coworking, in the heart of Bicester, we offer two unique meeting rooms – The Eyrie and The Nest seating up to 12 and 6 individuals respectively, at any one time – perfect for both big companies and smaller businesses. 

Parking is a minute’s walk away at the local Sainsbury’s multi-storey and, for a town location, it has very competitive parking rates if booked online the day before arrival.

Our newly acquired serviced office space, on the outskirts of Bicester – the Bicester Innovation Centre – offers a large and spacious venue. Appropriately named, The Conference Room, it would comfortably seat 16-18 individuals. With the added benefit of plenty of on-site parking, this is a perfect meeting space for those group get-togethers.

On-trend industrial decor and well planned seating arrangements in all venues combine to give that classic ‘boardroom’ vibe that you have seen in countless movies and sitcoms, where top executives gather around a central table to discuss important matters. 

With friendly, knowledgeable and supportive staff on hand, to make sure you get the best from your visit to any of our venues, you can be assured that your meeting will be a truly successful one! 

…want to go the whole hog and enjoy a bit of a working lunch with your colleagues? We can arrange that for you. We use excellent local suppliers who use only the freshest of ingredients in their platters. 

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For more information about our modern and accessible meeting rooms, please call on 01869 690126 or email [email protected] We would love to hear from you and we’re always more than happy to show you around if you fancy dropping in for a tour and a chat.
Look forward to seeing you soon!

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