Anna Nikolovska - Digital Accounting

Perch Coworking People 'Up Close and Personal'

This week on Perch Coworking ‘Up-Close-and-Personal’ we talk to Anna Nikolovska, founder and owner of Digital Accounting. Anna joined Perch in 2018, and due to the success of her rapidly growing business, found she needed her own space!

Here, Anna shares with us her hints and tips on what’s working for her, during these unprecedented times.

Hi Anna, tell us about yourself and your business.

I started the business in July 2017 as a freelancer, working from my house. Initially, my plan was to work with a couple of clients and treat Digital Accounting as an additional income on top of my full-time job. However, the business started growing faster than expected, therefore I quickly had to find an office space and employ a bookkeeper to support me.

I took on Simona in 2018 to support me with bookkeeping and she is now a trainee accountant. The third member of the dream team is Izabela who is our payroll specialist.

We are an accounting practice supporting small, limited companies and sole traders. We offer comprehensive accounting services for small businesses.
Our aim is not only to prepare statutory accounts but to support our clients in every step of their business journey. We help clients with setting up the business, resolving issues with their clients and, most importantly, educating them so that they can understand the numbers in their company accounts which will help them to make their business successful.

At this time of the year all accountants breathe a sigh of relief that self-assessment is over for another year, and this year is no different! My current project
is a nationwide one that I know a lot of other small business owners are trying to work through successfully. That is the home-schooling / working / looking professional on Zoom project with intensive training in trying to ignore the background noise of squabbling siblings!

Are there any resources, technology, websites, apps you may have explored during this time that you can share with others?
One piece of software that has literally saved our lives during lockdown is Receipt Bank. This is a digital bookkeeping platform to keep all client’s bookkeeping paperwork in one place. It integrates with all the major accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks. We love using this for our clients as it makes life easier for everyone!
Early bird or night owl…what survival tips have worked for you during lockdown?
  • Waking up super early (really, around 4 am) and try to work while rest of the family is sleeping.
  • Getting organised like never before – this relates to both me but also the kids and rest of the family. As long as everyone sticks to the routine, there is a chance to stay sane.
  • Getting out for a walk or run every day.


And at the end of conquering another busy week? How do you celebrate?

A large gin and tonic!

What did you love about Perch when you worked there?

Our first office space was at Perch and I have some great memories of working there! Working in Perch gave me the feeling that I am in the centre of ‘business world’ in Bicester. That’s the place where everything is happening and if you’re not there, it just feels like you’re missing sooo much! And, of course, being able to grab a coffee from Andy’s fancy coffee machine and chat to people who also took a coffee break. I actually got some good business connections while enjoying a coffee.

Thank you, Anna…some valuable information in there that I’m sure others will find inspiring.

If you would like to learn more about Anna and the services that Digital Accounting offer, please visit the website:, email [email protected], connect on LinkedIn or contact her direct on 07399406926

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